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My name is Sharon Eltz. I have taken over for Beth Hummel as Taylor's Town Historian as of October 1, 2015. I am by far an untrained amateur historian, but from what I understand thus far this can be as simple or as complicated as one wants to make it. I do plan on attending some up coming meetings about historians and hope to learn more from them. 

For right now my main concern is to record daily and past events that have happened or will be happening within the town, such as; births, deaths, marriages, community happenings and anything that you (you are the town) think should be preserved for the future.

Please at any time feel free to contact me.


Phone: 607-863-3849


4307 Cheningo Solon Pond Road
Cincinnatus, NY 13040

One would be surprised at the things we forget as we get older, that is why it is so important to record and preserve these things while fresh in our minds, so we should we choose later on we can look back and reminisce, or others can look back and see what we all accomplished way back when. So as Beth said before me; "We should leave behind the best records that we possibly can." And I hope that you the people that are the Town of Taylor will help me to accomplish this. 


The “Taylor Historical Society” ( is conducting an oral history program to gather and record as many remembrances of life in Taylor as possible from its long time residents. If you are interested in participating in the oral history program, you can contact them at:


Some day our lives will be part of the history of Taylor. We should leave behind the best record we possibly can to show that like those long ago settlers, we loved our families, and were hard working and caring people who respected and loved the beautiful, peaceful hills and valleys of Taylor.